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THE LAKES of Atascadero

This website is dedicated to you, the homeowner, and provides you a resource for gathering and sharing information about our community. Here you can read our current newsletter, find information on upcoming events and learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a homeowner as governed by your elected Board of Directors and your CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions).

The Vision
A few short years ago, the owners of this land stood here looking at this beautiful valley and had the vision of creating a community where quality of life comes first. They envisioned a safe, pleasant, family-oriented community that offers high quality housing, easy access to recreational opportunities and employment; all within a short drive. This vision was the beginning of THE LAKES of Atascadero.

Quality of Life
THE LAKES has become one of the most sought after developments in Atascadero, which is located on the Central Coast of California. It’s tranquil beauty and relaxing lifestyle promotes traditional family values and a safe outlet for the members of its community. People live at THE LAKES because of the quality of life and the beauty which surrounds. THE LAKES is living at its best.

Homeowner Tools
Mark IV Property Management Systems manages THE LAKES and is the main liaison for the Homeowners Association (HOA) and its Board of Directors. Contact Mark IV, to get information on the HOA and copies of documents regarding the HOA including copies of the CC&R’s, minutes of past Board of Directors’ meetings and Architectural Control Committee (ACC) forms.

The CC&R’s outline your responsibilities and rights in respect to what you can and cannot do with and to your property. For example, the CC&R’s describe the requirement to submit an ACC application if you are considering any building or change in your property. If you do not have a copy of THE LAKES CC&R’s, contact Mark IV today click here. On our Contact page you will get the contact information and also find a link where you can download the architectural review application for your use click here.

Volunteer TODAY:
We invite you to volunteer your time and share your thoughts. If you have any suggestions please contact us. Click here for details.

Residents are invited to become a fan of "Atascadero Lakes" on Facebook. There you are able to weigh in your thoughts, add your own photos, see others’ photos and get updates on what is going on in your neighborhood.

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